LatestPakistan: Fifth Most Vulnerable to Climate Change, Warns German Think Tank

Pakistan: Fifth Most Vulnerable to Climate Change, Warns German Think Tank

A chilling reality check comes from Germany’s renowned environmental think tank ranks Pakistan as the fifth most vulnerable nation to climate change. The sobering assessment spans two decades, analyzing extreme weather events from 1999 to 2018.

Germanwatch, in its “Global Climate Risk Index 2020,” paints a stark picture, meticulously measuring the “extent countries and regions have been affected by the impacts of weather-related loss events.” With a stark message, the report declares: ignoring the escalating climate crisis is no longer an option, not on any continent or in any region.

The report goes beyond mere numbers, sounding an alarm about the disproportionate impact climate extremes have on the poorest nations. Lacking resources and resilience, these vulnerable communities struggle to cope with disasters and rebuild their lives.

Heatwaves emerge as a major villain, with the report citing prolonged scorching periods in Germany, Japan, and India – all causing significant damage in 2018. But the focus isn’t solely on one disaster or one year.

Germanwatch highlights countries like Haiti, Philippines, and Pakistan, battered by repeated catastrophes, ranking consistently high in both long-term and annual indexes. Pakistan, under the relentless onslaught of climate change, has witnessed 152 extreme weather events since 1999, incurring losses exceeding $3.79 billion.

However, the authors offer a vital caveat: the index isn’t a full picture of vulnerability. While it sheds light on extreme weather events, it doesn’t encompass slow-onset processes like rising sea levels, melting glaciers, and warming oceans – all threats looming large for Pakistan and other vulnerable nations.

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The stark statistics paint a grim picture: nearly 500,000 lives lost globally due to weather extremes since 1999, and staggering economic losses exceeding $3.54 trillion. Can we afford to turn a blind eye to this escalating crisis?

Pakistan’s ranking as the fifth most vulnerable nation serves as a stark reminder – not just for Pakistan, but for the world. This is a global crisis demanding immediate action and collective responsibility. The time for delay and denial is over. We must act now, before the climate overwhelms us all.

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