Climate ActivismGreta Thunberg was dragged by the Swedish police

Greta Thunberg was dragged by the Swedish police

Greta Thunberg and a few dozen other climate activists were taken into custody by the Swedish police after they blocked the parliament entrance for two days.

Police officers hauled up Ms Thunberg, who was participating in a sit-down against “political inaction” regarding the escalating climate problem. Police dragged her out of the parliament building.

According to Reuters, the officers abandoned her on the ground about 20 meters from the door she had been blocking.

After Ms Thunberg and about forty other climate activists had a similar march on Monday, this was the second day of the protest.

Protesters staged a sit-in in front of the main doorway of the 349-seat Riksdagen. They were holding placards that read “Climate Justice Now.” 

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According to local media, Swedish legislators had to enter through other doors to escape the demonstrators.

Police intervened after the protestors left in the afternoon and gathered again at the gate early on Tuesday.

The EU Environment Agency warned member states to brace for the “catastrophic” effects of the climate catastrophe in its first-ever assessment of the risks facing the continent, which coincided with this week’s protests.

The report issued a dire warning under a gloomy prediction of warming trends. The report says, “Hundreds of thousands of people would die from heatwaves. Also, economic losses from coastal floods alone could exceed €1 trillion per year.” 

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