LatestPakistan Desperately Seeks Billions for Flood Recovery as Millions Remain Displaced

Pakistan Desperately Seeks Billions for Flood Recovery as Millions Remain Displaced

Pakistan stands at a crossroads, seeking $16.3 billion in international aid to rebuild after the devastating flood that crippled the nation in September. Record monsoon rains and melting glaciers, attributed to climate change, displaced millions and claimed over 1,700 lives. While floodwaters have receded, the true herculean task of reconstruction lies ahead.

Millions still languish in temporary shelters, their homes and livelihoods swept away. Roads and railways lie in ruins, severing vital connections and impeding economic recovery. The estimated cost of rebuilding is immense, a burden Pakistan struggles to shoulder alone.

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif leads a Pakistani delegation to Geneva this week. For presenting a “framework” for recovery at a crucial international conference. UN chief Antonio Guterres and French President Emmanuel Macron expected to lend their voices to Pakistan’s desperate plea for support.

Guterres, a witness to the “climate carnage” in September, has urged the global community to stand with Pakistan. This is not just a domestic tragedy. it is a stark reminder of the devastating consequences of climate change that require a collective response.

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Yet, the path to rebuilding riddled with uncertainties. With existing economic pressures, Pakistan juggles food and energy imports alongside sovereign debt obligations. The emergency humanitarian phase, only half funded, highlights the immense funding gap hindering recovery efforts.

A glimmer of hope shines from the recently established “loss and damage” fund at COP27. Aimed at assisting developing nations ravaged by climate disasters. Though Pakistan’s eligibility for this potential lifeline remains ambiguous, its advocacy during COP27 solidifies its rightful place in seeking international support.

Around 250 officials, donors, and financial institutions gather in Geneva, their commitment crucial to Pakistan’s future. Pakistan pledges to shoulder half the burden, but their plea for international collaboration rings loud. This conference presents a pivotal opportunity for the world to unite against climate-induced tragedy and ensure a resilient future for Pakistan.

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