Climate ActivismBritish Museum closes as Energy Embargo for Palestine protested outside

British Museum closes as Energy Embargo for Palestine protested outside

UK: On Sunday afternoon, hundreds of protesters gathered outside the British Museum demanding that it sever its collaboration with BP and make a connection to the ongoing crisis in Gaza. Energy Embargo for Palestine is a new protest group headquartered in the UK that is urging people to boycott the museum as long as the firm is still funding it.

In a statement posted on the left-wing website Jacobin, the demonstrators cited offshore gas development licenses that Israel has given to businesses, including BP, ever since the Gaza War began.

An outside poster outside the museum said, “BP sponsorship equals colonial genocide sponsorship.”

On Sunday, the British Museum verified that the organization had closed its major entrances per the recommendation of the Metropolitan police. They added, however, that guests who had come prior to 3pm permitted to stay inside.

The insider said that the museum was trying to make it possible for patrons who had reserved exhibition tickets for later timeslots to transfer those reservations to a different day.

Last year, the British Museum, overseen by former Tory chancellor George Osborne, and BP inked a new £50 million, ten-year collaboration.

The agreement aims to finance a significant renovation of its Bloomsbury structure; nevertheless, environmental activists, who have long demanded that it break its ties to fossil fuels, have responded angrily to the news.

However, Sunday’s event, which brought together activists against the climate catastrophe and demonstrators against Israel’s military attack in Gaza, seemed to open a new front in the museum’s criticism.

“The British Museum respects others’ right to express their views and allows peaceful protest on site at the museum as long as there is no risk to the collection, staff, or visitors,” a museum representative stated.

The company that has called Britain home for more than a century, BP’s senior vice-president for Europe Louise Kingham, stated when the new sponsorship agreement announced: “As a business, we are proud to be a long-term partner to this important British institution and play our part in its future transformation – while helping to

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